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Suheily Fontanez

CEO and Founder

Billing Tech Solutions started operations in July 2017 specializing on medical billing working hard and fast, so you can get paid quicker and have less claims standing on your accounts receivable. A solution to high salaries and mailing cost, without forgetting absences of employees and turn over which extend your process and payments while training a new employee or having no one to work your claims. We offer our clients outstanding customer services and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding your expectations offering services like electronic claims submission, payment posting, claim denials, credentialing and much more. Making your process less stressful and time consuming with accurate and timely response to solve your problems, so you can concentrate on give your patients all the attention they deserve. Let us take care of you.

Suheily Fontanez CEO

I started this business because I wanted to make difference. My story started on 2015 I move from Puerto Rico to Florida looking for new opportunities for a better future, after been working for more that 8+ years as an administrative assistant I knew It was time for a change that I wanted more, I felt that I was going nowhere in my career, and that I wanted to do better not just for me but for my family. After careful consideration I decided to pursue medical billing. As a lot of the things I do I thought that this was something I could do self-thought, but I quickly found that this couldn’t be farther from the truth and that I couldn’t do it alone that I needed help, so I went back to school, working a full-time job and taking care of my family , I finish a 1-year program on 8 months, by December I was a certified coder with AAPC, I quickly started in a new job in my new field. I was excited to start this new path in my life, when I started working with the claims denied by the insurances and the new claims I learn how harmful a person who didn’t receive the appropriate training can be to a practice. When I did my research, I knew that there is a lot of medical practice in need of a good help. In that moment I decided to create Billing Tech Solutions. This way I could help different medical practice working not only on the current claims but looking for ways to have those sitting claims to be paid.

In Billing Tech Solutions, we like to make things EASY AND DIFFERENT WHERE IT COUNTS…. We care about your practice because your family is our family.

We know you already have to much to do , let us help you take care of you so you can keep focusing on what matters most your patients.


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